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Van Dorm Realty Welcomes You To Thurston County!

As the Broker of Van Dorm Realty, Inc., I would like to take a minute to acquaint you with our unique and beautiful county.
Our family has lived in Thurston County for twenty-five years, having previously lived in Southern California for approximately twenty-five years. Like you, we investigated every city that interested us around the West Coast. Actually, we decided to live in Olympia after we toured the entire Western United States for two months. Our family has toured as far east as Denver, Colorado, and as far south as New Mexico on a circular route.
Our main objective of these travels was to find a better place to raise our children. We have three children, the oldest was about eleven years old at the time. These last twenty-five years have proved to be the answer of our dreams for my wife, children and myself as well. Olympia has been the right choice for us and we sincerely hope that it will be the right choice for you also.
In the remainder of this letter, I have tried to describe for you the Thurston County community while also making an attempt to answer some of the many questions you may have.
The population of Thurston County is approximately 218,500. The ecology is very important to all of us in the Olympia area. Even with some growth for economic reasons, we make every effort to keep our ecology intact. Thurston County is a collage of snowcapped mountain ranges, lakes and salmon hatching rivers and streams.
Best of all we have a multitude of properties on the Puget Sound waterways. Having a great place to live is still the most important concern. Since 1990, the population has increased by 63,000 with an estimated trend that is accelerating. Actually, we are a town that is fast becoming a city.
The quality of life in Thurston County is outstanding. It is less frustrating than that of a big city while being aesthetically appealing. Hunting and fishing can be only moments away. For "Big City" entertainment, Seattle is only a little over an hour away.
One of the many positive reasons for choosing Thurston County is that it does not have any segregated depressed economic areas like many cities have. Truly, almost any area of this county can be considered a good area in which to live. Naturally, as in every city, there are some areas thought to be better than others.
The rainfall and climate of our area is moderate, with an annual rainfall of about 52 inches per year. October through May is our "rainy" period. Summertime is the best time of all with warm, sunny days and twilight up until 10 PM! On the whole, it helps to like cooler temperatures. On an average, our temperatures are as follows:
January 38.1° Fahrenheit
April 50.5° Fahrenheit
July 63.9° Fahrenheit
October 51.4° Fahrenheit
It rarely snows within the county, but wonderful nationally renowned ski areas are only a short drive away.
If you are looking for a 100 acre farm or a five acre home site, lakefront, bayside or just a house in town, come to Olympia. We're the best buy in comparison to most areas.
We hope this information has been helpful to you getting a realistic view of our county. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our community.

Marjorie & Bob Van Dorm


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